A Family Tradition of Exceptional Trim Work

Diamond Millwork – Company Story

Diamond Millwork’s history as a cornerstone of superior workmanship and artistry spans generations. Despite starting professional work in the woodworking and finishing industry almost 20 years ago, owner Daniel Beiler was learning invaluable techniques and skills from his grandfather and father, accomplished furniture makers, and his grandmother, a painter, well before that. Even as a young child they instilled in him an appreciation for craftsmanship and aesthetics that would shape his entire career.

When Daniel Beiler entered the workforce at just fifteen years old, it was only logical that he would join the family trade of woodworking and furniture making. It wasn’t long before, in 2007, that they installed a trim finishing system and began what is now Diamond Millwork.

The business began as a small furniture-making outfit, and over the years expanded in physical size and capabilities, gradually acquiring state-of-the-art machinery to keep up with increasing demand. Particularly, with the addition of different moulders—including a 4 Head Hermance No.60 moulder, a 7-Head Wadkin moulder and an SCMI Superset 23— the company established a focus on millwork, trims, and finishing. The newest equipment, a 6 Head Kenwood 609 HD installed in 2016, replaced these older pieces and brought the latest technologies to the workshop, keeping operations humming at a quick pace. Also, in the last decade, Diamond Millwork began offering pre-finished house trim packages and priming, thanks to a new in-line finishing system.

Most recently, in 2016, Daniel and his brother John purchased the family company from their father. At that time, Diamond Millwork’s shop space underwent a complete renovation, allowing the business to operate more efficiently off-the-grid by utilizing a Genset, as well as air and hydraulics. Solar panels also help power the new office space.

Throughout the years, Daniel Beiler’s commitment to his family’s legacy of craftsmanship has remained, even as his client base and the scope of his projects have grown considerably. He and his team complete each project from beginning to end—manufacturing, staining, and finishing each piece—while always delivering beautiful work.