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Crown Moulding

Crowning moulding is a decorative trim that highlights the transition of wall to ceiling in the home, adding an elegant, polished look to rooms. Recognizable for its graceful curves and distinctive angles, crown moulding is easily the most well-known and popular trim for homes.

Browse our crown moulding profiles below for a look at our styles, or contact us at 717-354-3999 to order a custom design.

Crown Molding Profiles

As a custom mill shop, we do not inventory large quantities of trim. However, we can work with your deadlines and needs and generally stock small amounts of crown, cove, and kitchen moulding and other mouldings to complete your deadline driven kitchen or interior remodeling project.

Our stock is based on usage. Our most commonly requested crowns are: CR-2, CR-3, CR- 1, and CR-19. These profiles, along with other profiles, are generally in stock in small quantities.

Please note that all crowns and cove mouldings are available with custom projection and drop heights to meet your specific needs.

Crown Molding Design

We provide premium, hardwood crown moulding for furniture builders, cabinet builders and installers, kitchen and interior designers, contractors, architects, and builders. We will manufacture, stain, and finish your trim and mouldings under one roof to deliver a ready-to-be-installed project to save you valuable time.

We can use a variety of American hardwoods, including Maple, Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Poplar, Cypress, Hickory, Pine and more. We also work with imported woods like mahogany, cedar, and acoya. We can even work with your supplied lumber if you choose.

Our millwork and moulding finishing options include:

  • Staining
  • Varnishing
  • Painting
  • Pick-up & Delivery Options

We also provide cove moulding, baseboard moulding, casings, chair rails and more - whatever custom millwork your project may call for to give it just the right look.

Call us at 717-354-3999 or contact us on the web for more info or to request a quote.